Wodehouse, Evelyn Georgina Susan (pseud: A.D.E.W.) 5.jun.1849-27.sep.1920 England Hertfordshire, Watford - London Westminster
admiral's daughter by profession and apparently amateur pianist and composer, the pseudonym A.D.E.W. was actually the collective pseudonym of Algernon Drummond and Evelyn Wodehouse, 1851 residing with her parents and 5 servants at Little Cassiobury in Watford, 1861 residing with her parents, 2 brothers, teacher and 4 servants at Woodlane Terrace in Falmouth Cornwall, 1871 residing with her retired parents and 4 servants at East Cosham House in Portsmouth Cosham, 1881-1891 residing with her parents/widowed father and 4 servants at Clarence Cottage on Auckland Road in Portsmouth, 1901-1903 on own means residing with ladys maid Elizabeth Boxall (50 single) and a general servant at 10 Palace Mansions in London Kensington, 1911-1920 on private means residing with maid-housekeeper Elizabeth Boxall (59 single), cook, housemaid and parlormaid at the 16 room 78 Belgrave Road in London Westminster ; daughter of Royal Navy rear-admiral George Wodehouse (Norfolk, Barnham 8.jul.1810-15.feb.1900 Portsea) and Eleanor Charlotte Drummond (London 23.nov.1810-27.mar.1888 Portsea) ; she never married ; first cousin of composer Algernon Drummond (both were grandchildren of Andrew Mortimer Drummond Esq. (London 9.nov.1786-1.jun.1864 Buckinghamshire, Denham) and Lady Emily Charlotte Percy (London 1787-22.may.1877 Denham))

Title Parts

[] Eton boating song. Voice and piano
subject : Eton College
melody by A. D. (Algernon Drummond), piano accompaniment by E. W. (Evelyn Wodehouse
also published as music by A.D.E.W. (Algernon Drummond and Evelyn Wodehouse)
words William Johnson Cory
pub Robert W. Ollivier, London 1878

[rem: composed while Algernon Drummond was captain of the Rifle Brigade whose soldiers were apparently members of the Eton College Boat Club ; Evelyn Wodehouse, at that time 27 years old lived in Portsmouth]

[] My Love and I "May song". Voice and piano
music by A.D.E.W. (melody by Algernon Drummond, piano accompaniment by Evelyn Wodehouse)
words by Violet Fane
pub Robert W. Ollivier, London ?1879

[] Portsmouth harbour "From Portsmouth harbour day by day". Song. Voice and piano
words Mrs. Edward Goodlake
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London 1880

[] H.M.S. "Superb". March for the pianoforte
pub Duncan Davison & Co., London 1880

[] Two Hymns
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London & New York 1888
[] 1 - Those eternal bowers
[] 2 - Easter Communion
[] The Screw Guns
music Evelyn Wodehouse and Algernon Drummond
Royal Artillery Band / Major S.V. Hays. Naxos "Queen's Birthday Salute"

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