Auffdiener nee Wuiet (Vuyet) de Meonides, Caroline (pseud: Donna Elidora) (fem) 1766-1835 France, Rambouillet - Saint-Claud (insane)
pianist, poet, novelist, studied piano with her father who was organist in Rambouillet and Reims, at the age of five considered a child prodigy, Queen Marie Antoinette granted her a pension for further study, she studied literature with Beaumarchais and Demoustier, painting with Greuze and composition with Andre Gretry, on the outbreak of the Revolution she fled to England, then lived as piano teacher for some time in the Netherlands, after the Revolution she returned to Paris where she formed an intimate friendship with Madame Tallien, was editor of the literary journal Le Phenix, wrote novels and taught music, 1807 she married colonel baron Auffdiener with whom she lived in Lisbon Portugal where she assumed the name Donna Elidora, she divorced and returned to Paris where she was made honorary member of the Academie des Arcades de Rome and was active as writer and music teacher, she spent her last years in an insane asylum in Saint-Claud near Paris for what we would now probably call dementia

Title Parts

[] Angelina, piece en trois actes, composee a l'age de douze ans. 1779
[] Trois Sonates pour le clavecin avec violon et basse. Paris 1785. op1
Altenberg Trio Wien

[] Pot-pourri pour le clavecin ou le forte-piano. Harpsichord. op2
published as Auffdiener by Boyer, Paris

[] Six romances avec accompagnement de piano. Paris 1798. op3
pub under pseudonym Aufdiener (Gerber)

[] L'Heureuse erreur. Petit opera. Theatre Beaujolais, Paris 19aug 1786
music Caroline Wuiet
libretto Caroline Wuiet and Bodard
[] L'Heureux stratageme. Ariette de Caroline de Liechtfeld. Voice and bc
[] L'Heureux stratageme. Opera-bouffon en un acte, en prose, paroles de M. M., musique de Mlle Caroline Vuyet. Theatre Beaujolais
[] Ouverture de l'Heureux stratageme, opera-comique, arrangee par l'auteur (Caroline Wuiet) pour le piano-forte, avec accompagnement de violon ad libitum
pub M. Boyer, Paris

[] Sophie. Comedie en un acte et en prose. pub Cailleau, Paris 1787
[] Comme, elle etait jolie. Romance. Song. Paris 1798
[] Moi, j'aime la danse. Chansonnette. Song. Paris 1798
[] La pauvre Creole d'Artibonite. Romance
published by Lacalle-Jolirois in Les Almanachs de la Champagne et de la Brie 1837

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