Wylie, Laura Isabelle 'Lollie Belle' Moore (fem) 21.oct.1858-15.feb.1923 USA Alabama, Bayou Coq d'Inde near Mobile - Georgia, Atlanta
writer, editor, poet, 1877-1922 residing in Atlanta Georgia, 1889 editor for the Atlanta Evening Journal, 1890-1907 journalist and editor of Society Journals, the Saturday Review and The So Romance and boarding with her mother/daughter at 329/373 East Fair Street, 20.apr.1914 she established The Atlanta Writers Club, she was member of the Atlanta City Federation of Women's Clubs, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of the King and Uncle Remus Memorial Association, she was buried at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta ; daughter of Thomas Peck Moore and Augusta Georgia Ellis (Georgia nov.1836-) ; 4.jun.1877 in Atlanta she married clerk wholesale grocery Hartford 'Hart' Wylie (Georgia 17.may1855-27.aug.1887 Atlanta) ; daughter Augusta Louisa 'Gussie' (Atlanta 1879-18.feb.1954 Atlanta), son Hart (Atlanta aug.1885-)

[in some sources wrongly named Lottie Bell Wyley]

Title Parts

[] Georgia. Song
words Robert Loveman
adopted as the State song for Georgia 19 August 1922

[] The stainless roses. Song. Atlanta 1894
[] Good morning Mr. Zip-Zip-Zip. Song
words Robert Loveman
in Songbook Legion Airs, songs of "Over there and over here"

[] Georgia "From the mountains to the sea". Song in F with piano
words by Robert Loveman
music Lollie Belle Wylie, arr by Esther Wilburn Barnes
made the official state song by act of the General Assembly 1922, this arrangement was adopted by Act of General Assembly 1958
published by B. W. Fortson, Secretary of State, Atlanta 1958

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