Wyssgerber, Christoffel (Alutarius novocastrense, Christophorus) f1529-f1539 Switzerland, ?Neuenburg - ?, ?
1529-1539 at the School of St Martin in Basel

Title Parts

[] Liber musicalis pro Christophorus Alutarii. 14 Latin and German songs. 3-4vv. Basel 1534
ms Basel Library
compiled by Christoffel Wyssgerber
? with music by Christoffel Wyssgerber
[] - Euclio parcus timet et frequenter. Choral for the comedy Aulularia by Titus Maccius Plautus
[] Ein kurtze underwissung der jugent im Vatter unser, glouben, touff, Herren nachtmal.. Christofel Wyssgarber
pub Wolfgang Friess, Basel 1538

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