Yuryev, Yevgeny (Evgeny) Dmitriyevich 1882-1911 Russia, ? - ?, ?
songwriter, died before the age of 30

Title Parts

Zachem lyubit zachem stradat (Why love, why suffer) (In vain we love and fret). Romance. Song. pub1912
words and music Yevgeny Yuryev
Kaia Urb soprano, Heiki Matlik guitar. Harmonia Mundi 907386

[] Ey, yamshchik, goni-ka k "Yaru" (Hey, driver, single whip to "Yar"). Romance
words Boris Andrzhyevsky
[one of the most popular russian songs, with many publications and republications, included in the repertoire of many singers and used in films and theater productions, especially in the subjects of early 20th century, when the restaurant "Yar" was considered one of the most fashionable establishments in Moscow]
Maksim Shcherbitsky, Smolensk Russian Folk Orchestra / V. P. Dubrovsky. "Mikhail Glinka" Concert Hall, Smolensk 20oct2013

[] V lunnom siyanii (In the moonlight). Romance
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