Aarons, Elias Alfred Henry 11.feb.1856-1.nov.1943 England, Liverpool - USA California, Los Angeles
jewish, amateur composer, born as Elias at 49 Warren Street, 1883 emigrated to the USA, settling in Troy NY, 1885-1896 as salesman clothing at 320 River Street and residing at Hoosick Street in Troy, 1887 he advertised as 'Fine ready-made and custom clothier', 1900 as salesman residing at 38 West 117 Street in Manhattan he filed a petitition in bankruptcy for debts contracted in 1889 in Troy, 1905-1910 as tailor employer in men's clothing residing at 65 87th Street in Manhattan with company at 73 Nassau, 1914 he advertized 'Contractor wanted men's white vestees' Alfred H Aarons & Co., 8 Maiden Lane New York , 1918-1920 as commercial traveler in clothing residing at 2145 86th Street in Brooklyn, 1930-1942 as commercial salesman men's clothing residing at 327 Laurel Avenue in Los Angeles, 1940 he charged Irving Berlin in court with plagiarism using his song 'America my home so fair' for his song 'God bless America' ; son of the rich pedlar Hendrik Arons (Henry Aarons) (Netherlands 1801-9.sep.1874 Liverpool) and Klara de Wolf (Katherine Woolf) (Netherlands, Leiden 30.oct.1822-8.dec.1872 Liverpool) who married 15.feb.1843 in Liverpool ; 20.jan.1884 in Warrington England and 1.mar.1884 in Manhattan he married the daughter of a ship manufacturer Ada Cartwright (England 19.jun.1862-5.apr.1942 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[] Courtship. Two step. Pianoforte
pub O. Ditson Co., Boston 1897

[] Empire state march
pub Henry P. Vogel, Albany NY 23feb1899

[] America, my home so fair. Song
copyright words and music Alfred H. Aarons, Brooklyn 5dec1918

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