Abaza, Aleksey Borisovich (usa: Alexis Borison) 3.mar.1916-15.dec.1994 China, ?Harbin - USA California, San Francisco
pianist, born in China of Russian parents, graduated from high school in Harbin, studied music in Vienna and Berlin, he gave concerts in China, 1944 he won the North China Composers Competition, after WWII he moved to Russia, 1973 he traveled to the Netherlands and did not return to Russia, later he moved to the United States, settling in San Francisco where he founded a private music school, 1993 residing at 255 Woodside Avenue ; 6.dec.1977 in San Francisco he married Ludmila N Ganin Petrov (1915-), divorced 16.feb.1984

Title Parts

[] Utro tumannoye (A misty morning). Alto and piano
composed by A. Abaza - ? Aleksey
Arkady Abaza set this Kursk folksong for piano
Vladimir Abaza set this Kursk folksong for voice and piano
Nadezhda Obukhova alto

[] Chinese engravings. Piano. op56
pub Edition Heuwekemeijer, Amsterdam 1977

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