Abbakumov, Stefan Timofeyevich 23.nov/5.dec.1870-1919 Ukraine, Kiev - ?Kiev
pianist, conductor, 1898 graduated in composition under Nikolay Solovyov from St Petersburg Conservatory, 1897 conducted dramatic performances in St Petersburg, 1898 conducted orchestral lovers concerts at the Conservatory, 1899-1902 teacher piano and composition in Tomsk, 1904 he gave courses music theory in St Petersburg, 1904-1905 he conducted the summer symphony concerts in Pavlovsk, 1907-1910 editor of the journal 'Bayan' in Tambov, from 1913 he lived in Kiev where he conducted symphony concerts

Title Parts

[] Gimna svobody (Hymn to freedom)
composed in response of the events of the first Russian Revolution of 1905-1907

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