Abbott, Asahel 1805-10.nov.1889 USA New Hampshire, Piermont - NY, New York Brooklyn
musician, poet, antiquarian, writer on religious subjects, 1850-1880 music teacher and professor of music in Brooklyn, 1864 residing at 92 Hamilton Street, 1874-1881 residing in a house build of brick at 934 Atlantic Avenue, 1886-1889 at 833 Dean Street, 1889 still active as musician in New York, he wrote several (an incredible number of) oratorios ; c1847 he married Elisabeth S (New York City 1809-) ; son music teacher George J Abbott (New York City 1853-)

Title Parts

[] Faires chorus. Vocal quartet
chorus from one of his oratorios
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] The Waldenses. Oratorio
one of a series of oratorios in honor of the different races that have struggled for liberty through the last 1600 years
Harmonic Society of New York under George Bristow. New York 1852

[] Love's call'd a dream. Song. High voice and piano
[] Oh weep no more sweet mother. Ballad
poetry by D. C. D.
pub Hewitt & Jacques, 239 Broadway, New York 1839-1841

[] Thy kingdom come. Quartette
words by Miss M. A. Brown
pub Firth, Hall & Pond,  New York 1842

[] The American minstrel. Containing a thorough system of elementary instruction in vocal music. With practical exercises, songs, hymns, and chants. Specially adapted to the use of schools and academies
Musical elementary, embracing a melodic system in the rudiments of music by L. Wilder
by George Andrews and Asahel Abbot
pub C. M. Saxton, New York 1849

[] The conqueror's last sleep, or the Grave of Major General Zachary Taylor, late President of the United States, written and composed for the piano-forte. High voice and piano
pub Jacques & Brother, 385 Broadway, New York 1850

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