Abbott, Edmund Arthur 20.mar.1875-20.oct.1958 England, London Greenwich - South Africa, Grahamstown
organist, studied music in England, 1890 his family had emigrated to South Africa, 1898 Arthur followed them after finishing his study, 1903-1925 teacher at St Andrew's College in Grahamstown, organist of the Presbyterian Church in Grahamstown, 5.jun.1906 he initiated at the freemason St Johns Lodge in Grahamstown, 31.dec.1907 resigned, 7.oct.1913 rejoined, 5.may.1914 resigned, 1.sep.1924 rejoined, 26.jul.1920 as professor of music he traveled with his wife Mary (1877-) to England, 24.dec.1923 as director of music/professor of music he traveled with his wife Mary to 23 East Road in Egremont Cumberland England, 20.dec1926 idem to 9 The Green in Bransty Whitehaven Cumberland, 1954 idem to Blomfield Station Road in Brampton Cumberland ; son of Charles Henry Abbott (Leicester 22.aug.1854-25.feb.1918 Grahamstown) and Ellen Palmer (England 7.jun.1841-18.aug.1927 Grahamstown) who married 1878 in Leicester

Title Parts

[] South African evening song. Part-song for S.A.T.B.
dedicated to St Andrew's College, Grahamstown, South Africa
the words by Rev. J. P. Losley M.A.
pub Novello and Co., London 1903
ms British Library, London

[] Ocean wave march, for the pianoforte
pub Novello and Co., London 1904
ms British Library, London

[] At close of day. Song
words and music Edmund Arthur Abbott
pub W. Paxton & Co., London 1925
ms British Library, London

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