Abbott, Ernest Frederick 8.nov.1843-3.nov.1916 Turkey, Smyrna - Smyrna
11.feb.1844 baptized in Smyrna, with english nationality born and died in Smyrna, grew up in Smyrna, 1863-1881 he lived in Heidelberg Germany, he ran the Abbott Family emery mines in Turkey, 1897 and during World War I he lived in London, he probably lived all his life alternately in Smyrna, Heidelberg and England ; son of Richard Benjamin Abbott Esq. (India, Madras Fort St George 8.apr.1803-15.sep.1856 Smyrna) and marquise Helene Margaret von Maltass (Smyrna 8.aug.1807-1.dec.1890) who married 5.sep.1825 in Heidelberg ; 12.aug.1869 in Heidelberg Germany he married Anna Josephine Johanna Nebel (Heidelberg 16.jul.1844-10.mar.1914 Heidelberg) ; at time of death he was married to Sylvia

Title Parts

[] Les echos du Nord. Valse pour piano. op1
pub Johann Andre, Offenbach 1863

[] Souvenir du Bosphore. Polka-Mazurka. op2
pub Johann Andre, Offenbach 1864

[] Les echos d'Orient. Polka. op3
pub Johann Andre, Offenbach 1864

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