Abbott, Frank Danford 29.jan.1853-29.nov.1944 USA Vermont, Bethel - Illinois, Chicago Glen Ellyn
pianist, studied piano, organ and music theory, when quite young he taught music for some time in Minnesota, he soon took a position with Geo. Woods & Co. organ builders in Boston, 1872 he moved to Chicago where Woods & Co. opened a branch establishment, he worked on the Woods & Co. journal Vox Humana, 1884 in Cedar Rapids Iowa he founded the magazine Presto and June 1888 removed it to Chicago where it continued to grow steadily, at time of death residing at 597 St Charles Road in Glen Ellyn, he died at St Charles Hospital in Chicago Aurora ; son of miller/engineer Luther Burnett Abbott (Vermont, Stockbridge 3.jul.1829-16.may.1905 Minnesota, Waseca) and Marion Elizabeth Soper (Vermont, Middlebury 1828-17.may.1909 Waseca) ; 4.jan.1877 in Cedar Rapids Iowa he married Eva Shugart (Pennsylvania 9.mar.1858-1.jun.1920 Chicago)

Title Parts

[] L'adieu valse
music Frank D. Abbott
pub S. Brainard's Sons, Cleveland Ohio 1871

[] I cannot forget thee. Voice and piano
pub John Church & Co., Cincinnati Ohio 1884

[] Kiss me in my dreams, love. Song and chorus
pub John Church & Co., Cincinnati Ohio 1884

[] Cornell grand march. Piano-forte or cabinet organ
dedication : Respectfully dedicated to the teachers and pupils of Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa
pub Frank Abbott, Cedar Rapids Iowa 1884

[] Baby's with the angels now. Song and chorus
words C. E. Banks
pub H. C. Waite, Cedar Rapids Iowa 1884

[] The wanderers story
pub F. A. Mills, New York

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