Abbott, William bap.12.dec.1828-13.sep.1911 England Surrey, London Richmond - Richmond
organist, 1851 as musician residing with his parents at 9 Hill Street in Richmond, 1873-1881 as organist and teacher of music residing at 3 Hermitage Villas in Richmond, 1901-1911 as organist and piano dealer residing at 22 Halford Road in Richmond ; son of china dealer John Abbott (Surrey, Molesey 17.jan.1801-25.jul.1862 Richmond) and Sarah Woodman (London Isleworth 1803-7.may.1863 Richmond) ; 21.feb.1856 at St Mary Magdalene in Richmond he married Mary Ann Webb (Gloucestershire, Shirehampton 1836-) ; son professor of music/organist Frederick Stephen (Richmond 16.jul.1869-), son professor of music/organist Augustus Henry Thomas (Richmond 13.jan.1873-)

Title Parts

[] Stars of the summer night. Voice and piano. op60
dedication : Dedicated to Annie
words from the verse play "Spanish student" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
pub Metzler & Co., London 186?

[] Fantasia on the favorite air Shells of ocean by J. W. Cherry), for the Piano Forte
pub Joseph Williams, London 1857

[] The Church of England Psalmody
edited by William Abbott for piano, organ
pub London 1859

[] The Seasons. Three songs and a duet
dedication : written, composed, and dedicated to the memory of Thomson by W. Abbott
pub Richmond 1859

[] Jessie of Dumblane, Scotch melody by Robert Archibald Smith
arranged for the Pianoforte by William Abbott
pub London 1861

[] Cease your funning
composed by Dr. Arne, arranged for the Pianoforte
pub London 1861

[] I'm far away in distant lands. Song. Voice and piano
words Charles Wilkes
pub Hopwood & Crew, London 1867

[] Pure religion. Sacred song for voice and piano
words from the Holy Bible. St. James, Chap. 1, Verse 27
pub Hopwood & Crew, London 1874

[] Six original compositions for the Pianoforte
pub Richmond 1881

[] Office of the Holy Communion set to music in the key of C
pub London 1883

[] Massovia a la mazourka. Piano
pub The Author, Richmond 1892

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