Abel, Alan Irwin 2.aug.1924- USA Ohio, Zanesville
percussionist, 1942 graduated from Coshocton High School Ohio, 1949 BS in education from Ohio State University, 1936-1939 studied percussion with Ned Albright in Ashland, 1939-1941 with Allan Simpson in Canton, 1939-1942 with Jack Beatty in Cambridge, 1941-1942 with Charles Wilcoxon in Cleveland, 1939-1941 percussionist with the Coshocton Symphony Orchestra, 1942 with the Russ Carlyle Dance Orchestra, 1943 with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, 1943-1946 in the US Army Air Force with the Glenn Miller AAF band and with the AAF 'Winged Victory' show, 1946 and 1947 he won the national Veterans of Foreign Wars snare drum championship, 1947 teacher percussion at his private studio at 32 15th Avenue in Columbus while residing at 1526 Denman Avenue in Coshocton, 1949 conductor of the 200-piece All-Ohio Boys Band, contributor of the column 'Beats and Offbeats' to the Down Beat magazine, president of the American Drummers Association ; son of manager Merchandise Brokers Store Louis Abel and Ida Hamburger who married 14.sep.1920 in New York Manhattan

Title Parts

[] Whispering winds. Song. 1946
[] 2040's Sortie. Drum solo. 1946
[] Hi Ho Simpson. Drum solo. 1946
[] Betty and Sue. Drum duet. 1947
[] Contrasts in rhythm. Tom-tom quartet. 1948
[] Ashland High. Drum quintet. 1948
[] We repeat. Drum quartet. 1949
[] Serenade to a sand dune. 1957
[] Drummers debate. 1958
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