Abel, May Elizabeth Leggett 5.jun.1867-26.aug.1952 USA Michigan, Waterford near Pontiac - Pontiac near Detroit
concert violinist, teacher of violin, composer, studied violin with Conrad Hoffman in Pontiac, graduated from the Conservatoire in Paris France, concertized for several years throughout the US, Canada and as soloist with orchestras in Paris, 1918 she had been teacher violin for 8 years at Michigan Conservatory in Detroit, 1914-1918 teacher violin at May Leggett Abel Violin School, 1952 head of the violin department at Detroit Conservatory, 1952 residing in Detroit Royal Oak Michigan ; daughter of violinist Mortimer Allen Leggett (New York City 18.oct.1837-18.nov.1930 Waterford) and Jane Mais Whitehead (Waterford 8.aug.1839-11.jul.1874 Pontiac) ; 7.feb.1895 in Detroit she married cellist/conductor Frederic Laurence Abel (Ohio, Monroeville 29.aug.1855-5.oct.1943 Detroit)

[Saerchinger 1918 gives erroneously born 6.may.1878]

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). three books on violin study
no compositions found by May Leggett or May Abel
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