Abele, Adolfs 24.jan.1889-2.aug.1967 Latvia Valka, Blome - USA Michigan, Kalamazoo
organist, choral conductor, studied with Jacques Samuel Handschin and Jazeps Vitols at St Petersburg Conservatory, 1924-1944 professor at Riga Conservatory, organist of St Martin Riga, 1944 moved to Germany, 1.jul.1950 emigrated to the USA

Title Parts

[] In the clear blue distance. Mixed choir. 1914
[] Aiz upites meitas dzied (Beyond the river). Mixed choir. 1930
arr of a folksong

[] Meditacija (Meditation). Organ
pub Wien Universal Edition 1937

[] The shawls of the sea nymph. Mixed choir. 1943
arr of a folksong

[] Walking through a silvery birch grove. Soprano and mixed choir. 1943
arr of a folksong

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