Abeleven, Willem Johan 15.may.1860-29.aug.1922 Netherlands, Nijmegen - South Africa Bechuanaland Stellaland, Vrijburg
18.may.1898 he was secretary of the committee for the organization of the festivities in Johannesburg in connection with the inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, as well as for organizing a performance of a dutch composition for mixed choir with orchestra and organ in one of the churches in Johannesburg, he died in Vryburg in the dutch Stellaland at that time incorporated in the british Bechuanaland ; ? grandson of composer Arnoldus Abeleven ; son of Theodorus Hendrik Arnoldus Abeleven (Nijmegen 28.dec.1822-21.feb.1904 Nijmegen) and Johanna Alphertina Wilhelmina Alpherts (Culemborg 3.sep.1822-29.apr.1880 Nijmegen) ; brother of H J H Molengraaff ne Abeleven of Rotterdam who named her daughter Johanna Alphertina Willemina

Title Parts

[] Fanfare militaire. Grand parade march. Pianoforte solo
pub McKay & Co., Cape Town 1905
ms The British Library, London

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