Aberle Sforza, Giovanni (Juan) Enrico 11.dec.1846-28.feb.1930 Italy, Naples - El Salvador, Santa Ana (bur San Salvador)
organist, pianist, violinist, bandmaster, 1858 studied at Naples Conservatory, 1867 he moved to New York City where he worked as opera conductor at the Grand Opera, 1870 he toured with the opera company of Egisto Petrilli, 5.jun.1871 arriving in Guatemala, 20.mar.1873 he founded a music conservatory in Guatemala City and directed the Symphonic Society, 5.jun.1876 as conductor of the opera company of Ercole Pizzioli he arrived in El Salvador where he was appointed bandmaster of the military band in San Salvador and later in La Libertad and Santa Ana, 1889 he returned to Guatemala where he was appointed bandmaster of Banda marcial, 12.apr.1892 appointed director of the National Conservatory of Guatemala City where he taught violin and enlarged the library with music primarily from Germany, 7.aug.1895 he was replaced as director and returned to El Salvador, 1915 appointed conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of El Salvador, 1922 he was replaced and retired to Santa Ana ; son of Heinrich Aberle (Germany) and Angela Sforza (Italy)

Title Parts

[] Himno nacional de El Salvador (National anthem of El Salvador). 1879
words General Juan Jose Canas (1826-1918)
adopted in 1879

[] Mon triste souvenir. Romance sans paroles. op7
music G. Aberle - ? Giovanni
pub Schuberth und Co., Leipzig 1870

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