Abernethy, Frank Nicholson 14.jul.1864-29.jan.1927 England, London Lambeth - London East Dulwich
organist, choirmaster, 27.feb.1884 aged 19 baptized at St Saviour in Southwark, 1890 BM and 1895 DM from New College in Oxford, 1882-1897 organist of St Saviour Collegiate Church in Southwark (now Southwark Cathedral), 1898-1927 organist/choirmaster of St John's Presbyterian Church in London Forest Hill, 1910-1927 residing at 39 Melford Road Lordship Lane in East Dulwich Surrey ; youngest son of solicitor's clerk George Abernethy (St Leonard Shoreditch 17.may.1816-18.jul.1895 Lambeth) and Elizabeth (London St Luke 1824-30.oct.1899 Lambeth) ; he never married and lived all his life with his 16 year older sisters Elizabeth Charlotte Abernethy (Shoreditch 1847-25.feb.1913 Lambeth) and Sarah Anne Abernethy (Lambeth 1848- / 1929 still living at 39 Melford Road) who both also never married

Title Parts

[] The Crusader. Song. Voice and piano
words Miss Alice Octavia Stevens
pub Howard & Co., London 1884

[] I have made God my hope. Anthem. c1894
[] Magnificat and nunc dimittis in C. Choir
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London, New York 1895

[] Sun of my soul. Anthem. Choir
words J. Keble
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London, New York 1895

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