Abert, Wenzel 22.jul.1842-23.jul.1917 Bohemia, Gastdorf near Leitmeritz - Germany, Stuttgart
violinist, violist, received his first musical education in violin and singing at primary school, choirboy in the church choir, 1853 at the age of 10 member of the city band, due to the family's financial situation he could not enter Prague Conservatory as his parents had planned, 1856 he became locksmith in Melnik, 1859-1863 spent his fellowship years in northern Bohemia, Bavaria (Karlsruhe, Vaihingen an der Enz) and Austria (Ternitz, Salzburg, Vienna) always also playing the violin, 1866 he enlisted in military service and fought in the Prussian-Austrian war, in which he injured his right hand, 1871 first violist of the Hofkapelle in Stuttgart, in addition giving piano and violin lessons ; 30.jun.1881 in Stuttgart he married Margaret Rosalie Paul, daughter of the first court actor Hermann Paul

Title Parts

[] Stuttgarter Orchester-Ausgabe. Sammlung auserlesener klavierstucke von Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert fur orchester instrumentirt. op10/3
pub Auer, Stuttgart 1899

[] Bauerntanz. op42
pub Oertel, Hannover 1890

[] Tonleitern und Akkord-Studien fur pianoforte
pub Ebner, Ludwigsburg 1891

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