Abeson, Marion L Berland (fem) 13.nov.1903-14.may.1988 USA Connecticut, Bridgeport - NY, New York
lyricist, 1910 residing with her parents at 204 Center Street in Bridgeport and 1923 at 23 Linen Avenue in Bridgeport, 1923 employed as reporter for the Bridgeport Times, BA from New York University, studied at the Sorbonne in Paris (2.sep.1931 she arrived at New York from France), Berlin University Germany (12.jan.1933 she arrived at New York from Germany) and the Columbia School of Drama in New York, 1931 residing at 5 West 52nd Street in New York, recording producer for Columbia, Decca, Golden, MGM and Young Peoples Records, 1953-1960 residing at 46 West 83th Street in Manhattan ; daughter of salesman/waiter Jacob L Berland (Russia, Elizabethgrad 21.jun.1876-jul.1964 New York City) and Chaya Anna Bonoff (Russia, Elizabethgrad 8.sep.1882-25.jul.1967 New York City) ; 4.jul.1935 in New York she married lawyer Julius J Abeson (New York City 8.nov.1901-mar.1981 New York City)

[ASCAP 1980 gives erroneously born 14.nov.1914 New Haven]

Title Parts

[] Willie Woo. Song
[] Do a little square dance. Song
[] The monkey and the elephant. Song
[] Let's play zoo. Song
[] Hansel and Gretel. Childrens opera
[] Peter and the wolf. Childrens opera
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