Abrahamsen, Julius 19.dec.1906-19.sep.1999 Norway, Trondheim - Canada Ontario, York
jewish, dentist by profession, 17.dec.1940 emigrated to the USA, 1941 as dentist residing in Los Angeles Hollywood, nov.1942-mar.1945 he served as 1st lieutenant in the Norway Army, 21.mar.1945 he returned to his wife in Toronto ; son of Solomon Abrahamsen (Lithuania, Zagare 1878-1938 Norway, Trondheim) and Miryam Nedra Fischer (Lithuania, Latzkova 1878-1974 Trondheim) ; c1942 he married Rebecca ; daughter Sheila Abrahamsen Moskoff

Title Parts

[] Reflections. Fantasy impromptu
words Sheila Moskoff (his daughter)
copyright Julius Abrahamsen and Sheila Moskoff 11oct1975

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