Abrass, Joshua (Osias) 'Pitzele' 1820-1896 Ukraine, Berdichev - Ukraine, Odessa
jewish cantor, choirmaster, he was nicknamed Pitzsche, Pitzele in yiddish (little one) stemming from his child prodigy years, studied with Bezalel Schulsinger in Odessa, 1840 studied with Salomon Sulzer in Vienna Austria, 1840-1842 cantor in Tarnopol Poland (now Ternopil Ukraine), 1842-1860 in Lemberg/Lwow Poland (now Lviv Ukraine), 1860-1884 cantor of the great synagogue of Odessa, his daughter Abrastzova was a popular Russian singer

['Encyclopedia Judaica' New York 1971 gives his years as 1829-1883 ; 'Jewish Music' Abraham Z Idelsohn 1929 gives 1820-1896 ; all other sources give c1820-1884 based on the fact that he was succeeded as cantor of the great synagogue in 1884 by Jacob Bachmann (Berdichev 1846-1905 Budapest)]

Title Parts

[] Min hametsar (Min ha'mezar) (Psalm 118 v5). Cantor and choir
pub L. C. Zamarski, Vienna 1868

[] Simrat joh (Zimrat ya). Israeli liturgy. Mixed choir
pub L. C. Zamarski, Vienna 1873

[] B'motza'ei m'nuha. First S'lihot Service
only a few stanzas of the poem are included in the collection published in Odessa 1874

[] Kodosh atoh venoroh shemecho. Soprano, alto, tenor and bass
pub Cantors Association of America, New York 1920

[] Mimkomcho malkenu (Sabbath morning liturgy)
Cantor Israel Goldstein, New York Jewish Choral Ensemble, Daniel Gildar piano. The American Society for Jewish Music, 129 West 67th Street, New York, live recording of the gala concert on the 60th anniversary of the debut of hazzan Moshe Ganchoff at the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York 16 October 1988
published Musique International, Chicago 1991

[] Mochel avonot
words Selichot and Yom Kippur services
Kol Rina Jewish a Capella Group / Miki Grahame. CD "Ashira"

[] Naarizokh
[] Hayom haras olom. Choir
[] El malei rachamim (God full of mercy). Prayer
attributed to Joshua Abrass

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