Accioly Santiago Ramos, Gaspar 1849-19?? Brazil Pernambuco, Recife - ?Recife
he used his name in the form Gaspar Accioly S. Ramos, the S. was incorrectly replaced with San by the publisher Delanchy (but understandable because San is always abbreviated to S.), 1874 appointed deputy for the district Barreiros Pernambuco and police commissioner in Recife, he build the public prison in Sao Jose Pernambuco, 8.nov.1890 he was also appointed doorman of cemetery Santo Amaro in Recife, 1905 aged 55 as widower residing at Travessa das Merces near Rua Boa Vista in Recife ; related to major Jose de Barros Santiago Ramos and his wife Gertrudes Accioly Santiago Ramos 1918 residing at 114 Imperial Street Recife ; brother of Manoel Accioly Santiago Ramos 1891 appointed telegraphist for Pernambuco ; related to lieutenant surgeon Dr. Antonio Clementino Accioly Lins (Recife 1829-1905 Recife)

Title Parts

[] Roza dos Anjos. Polka para piano
dedication : oferecida aos filhos do dr. Antonio Clementino Accioly Lima
pub Prealle & Co. e Eduardo Paiva, Recife Brazil 17aug1900
pub E. Delanchy, Paris 1900

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