Accolay, Olivia Julie Agnes 12.apr.1868-19?? Belgium, Brugge - ?, ?
pianist, teacher of singing and piano, until 1895 artist-painter in Brugge, 1895 she settled with her husband in Paris, 1895 professor of singing and piano in Paris, also offering free courses in the schools of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, 1900-1911 active as composer in Paris, 1911 residing and publishing her music at 7 rue Leclerc in Paris, 1.jan.1915-3.jul.1915 just returned from Argentina she spent some time with her husband in Orne France where she appeared in and organized several concerts, 17.apr.1915 she gave a poetic and musical hommage 'Chant de Route' in Orne to the soldiers of the 104e Infanterie, 1925 residing at Montee Montplaisir 17 in Marseille ; daughter of composer Jean Baptiste Accolay and Barbe Francoise Sophie Hugo (1827-22.aug.1907 Brugge) ; 6.jun.1895 in Brugge she married the in 1890 divorced captain/colonel Adrien Charles Galiot dit Galliot (Algeria, Algiers El Biar 18.oct.1845-22.sep.1925 Marseille)

Title Parts

[] Rose pompon. Valse coquette pour piano (soigneusement doigtee et accentuee)
dedication : Au maitre Massenet
music Olivia Accolay
pub E. Thys, Paris 1900

[] Rubis-Topaze. Mazurka coquette pour piano
music Mme Olivia Galiot
pub L'auteur, 7 rue Leclerc, Paris 1911

[] Jasmin d'Arabie. Melodie pour piano
music Mme Olivia Galiot
pub L'auteur, 7 rue Leclerc, Paris 1911

[] De Fleur en fleur. Valse enfantine pour piano
paroles et musique de Madame O. Galiot
pub L'auteur, 7 rue Leclerc, Paris 1911

[] Marche de 104e. Choir
words and music Mme Galiot dit Galliot (words published in Le Journal d'Orne)
performed by a choir composed of soldiers of the 104e d'Infanterie in a Concert for the benefit of the Wounded, Orne 3jul1915

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