Accooe, William 'Willis' 'Will' John 1874-26.apr.1904 (age 29) USA Virginia, Winchester - NY, New York Brooklyn
lyricist, songwriter, pianist, organist, of African descent, studied at Princess Anne Academy Maryland, 1890 church organist in Philadelphia, pianist with Puggsley's Tennessee Warblers, 1896 musical director for John Isham's Octoroons troupe, 1897 as teacher residing at 115 West 26th Street Manhattan, by 1899 his whole family had moved from Philadelphia to Brooklyn, 1902 musical director for the Williams & Walker company (Bert Williams & George Walker) ; grandson of laborer William Accooe (Maryland 1820- / 1860 Philadelphia) and washwoman Adeline (Delaware 1817-) ; son of reverend John Harris Accooe (Philadelphia apr.1852-a1920 Brooklyn) and Anna (Virginia jun.1852-a1920 Brooklyn) ; brother of US Government porter John Harris Accooe jr. (Virginia, Winchester 21.may.1878 / 1899-1917 NY, Brooklyn / 1942 NJ, Pleasantville) ; c1898 he married contralto Alice Mackey

Title Parts

[] Black Patti waltzes
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1896
pub as Love's enchantment waltzes by Oliver Ditson, Boston 1897
pub as Southern blossoms by M. Witmar & Sons 1901

[] Tennessee centennial march
composed for the Nashville Exposition of 1897

[] A trip to Coontown. Musical. New York 1898
with music and lyrics by Bob Cole, Billy Johnson and Will Accooe

[] The Belle of Bridgeport. Farce. New York 1900
with music and lyrics by Bob Cole, James Weldon Johnson, John Rosamond Johnson, Will Accooe
[] Ma dandy soldier coon
words and music Will Accooe
pub Jos. W. Stearn & Co., New York 1900
[] The sons of Ham. Musical. 1900
with songs by Willis Accooe
Williams & Walker Company

[] Lulu, I loves yer, Lulu
pub Hugo V. Schlam, New York 1901

[] The casino girl. Broadway musical. 1901
[] The cannibal king. Off-Broadway musical. 1901 (never staged)
with Will Marion Cook

[] My lady frog.
words and music with Will Marion Cook
pub Harry von Tilzer Music Publishing Co., New York 1902

[] In a birch canoe. A Kickapoo romance
pub M. Witmark & Sons. 1904

[] My Samoan beauty. Song
[] Society. Song
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