Acers, Victor Bryan 1.apr.1897-11.sep.1980 USA Colorado, Victor - Texas, Fort Worth
bass-baritone singer, teacher voice and speech, studied voice, harmony and music theory with Sam S Losh and Thomas H Hubbard in Fort Worth, studied with George W Chadwick, Arthur Foote and many more in Boston, 1920-1924 studied at New England Conservatory in Boston, 1924 studied at Treiger School of Vocal Education, 1936-1937 organizer/conductor/singer of The Sacred Symphonic Hymn Choie in Fort Worth, 1948 conductor of the Fort Worth Boys Choir, singer at First Methodist Church and Hemphill Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth, Eastern Presbyterian Church in Washington DC, choirmaster of First Methodist Church in Mineral Wells Texas, 1950 choirmaster of Riverside Methodist Church in Forth Worth

Title Parts

[] Why not glorify the old gospel hymn
[] International prayer
[] When you wake
[] When winter comes
[] What would you do
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