Achard Prothin, Marguerite Eugenie Rosalie (fem) 26.mar.1874-19?? France, Paris - ?, ?
harpist, 1890 1er accessit, 1891 2e prix and 1892 1er prix in harp at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1895 she spend a season in Royan where she gave her annual concert together with her brother Pierre Achard, 1898 she was professor of harp at the Conservatoire de Paris and at the Ecole de Musique de Versailles, August 1906 she left Paris for a season of concerts in Constantinople, by 1900 she was Officier d'Academie and by 1913 Officier de l'Instruction publique ; by 1910 she had married Prothin

Title Parts

[] Pastorale. Harp. c1898. op12
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