Acharnac, ? 17??-18?? Scotland, ? - ?, ?
Achernach (Achernack) was an estate in Strathdon Aberdeenshire, there was a family who used 'of Achernach' as last name, two of them were Nathaniel Forbes of Achernach (whose wife Isabella Stewart of Drimmin died 19.sep.1772), Charles Forbes of Achernach and his son George Forbes of Achernach (died 6.sep.1796 as lieutenant in Madras Cavalry on route to Bombay India), the composer Acharnac may have been a member of that family

Title Parts

[] Acharnac's reel, or Ba'l nan Grantish. Violin. c1800
composer Acharnac
in Collection of Minuets, Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes and other dance-tunes, etc., for flute or violin, in the autograph of J. B. Crotch, with added compositions by other composers at the end. Second Book 1779-1802

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