Achleitner, Joseph (Josef) Ch. 13.jan.1823-5.mar.1891 Germany, Frasdorf - Austria, Salzburg
zither player, 1850-1862 chamber musician of king Otto I of Greece who lived at Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg, he was music teacher in Salzburg, the Salzburg Museum holds a Zitheralbum with 500 of his compositions, quite amazing because he did not publish anything so probably composed for his own use or his students, the album became in the possession of Regina Seidl, wardrobe mistress of the Grand Duchess of Tuscany ; son of composer Ludwig Achleitner (Germany, Pfaffenhofen 13.jan.1799-2.may.1873 Germany, Rosenheim) ; brother of composer Innocenz Achleitner (Frasdorf 22.nov.1832-5.mar.1880 Austria, Salzburg)

Title Parts

[] Reiter-Polka
[] Pyramiden-Polka
[] Erinnerung an Hohenschwangau
[] Schnurlregen-Masur
ms Salzburg Museum

[] Patent-Concert-Salon-Harfenzither-Polka
dedication: Patentzither of Carl Oller (Salzburg Museum)

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