Ackermann, Angelina (Angeline) Leonora 3.mar.1871-[? 4.jul.1898] France, Paris - [? at sea near Nova Scotia]
13.oct.1890 she was naturalized French along with her parents and her four sisters, 1893 aged 22 in Paris she dedicated a composition to the 17 year old Anna Sarah Lioubow Tatiana de Gunzburg (Paris 18.nov.1876-) daughter of the russian philanthropist baron Horace de Gunzburg, 4.jul.1898 her husband (oboist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra) died in the collision of the ocean liner SS La Bourgogne near Nova Scotia on his way from New York to Le Havre for a summer holiday, according to the lists of deaths in the newspapers she was not with him on the ship but since she cannot be traced anymore in France after 1897 she may have been on the ship too ; daughter of property manager Moyse Ackermann (russian Poland, Kementzy (now Ukraine, Kamianets) 24.apr.1841-8.jul.1902 Paris) and Frederica Weiss (Austria-Hungary, Creatschen 26.mar.1849-1.apr.1940 Paris) who married 2.feb.1869 in Paris ; 20.jun.1897 in Paris she married oboist Albert Weiss (Paris 7.mar.1864-4.jul.1898 at sea in the collision near Nova Scotia of the ocean liner SS La Bourgogne

Title Parts

[] Au printemps. Polka-Mazurka. Piano
pub E. Mathieu fils, Paris 1892

[] Un bouquet de violettes. Suite de valses pour piano
dedication : Dedie a Mademoiselle Anna de Gunzburg
pub A. Ackermann, Paris 1893
pub E. Mathieu fils, Paris ?1893
pub Jacques Pisa, Paris b1906

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