Ackland, Jeanne Isabel Dorothy (fem) 13.sep.1914-1998 Canada Alberta, Calgary - Calgary
Hammond organist, pianist, violinist, born at 819 17th Avenue, studied music privately with Gregori Garbovitski and her sister Jessie and at Columbia University in New York City, for 7 years member of the Calgary junior symphony orchestra, 1948 composer for radio plays and documentaries for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1945-1968 as pianist and music teacher Jeanne Ackland residing with her sisters Jessie, Gertrude and Grace at 819 17th Avenue in Calgary, Jeanne Ackland is not listed in the 1981 'Who's Who in music in Calgary' while her 80 year old sister is still listed as pianist Jessie Ackland ; daughter of salesman William Albert Ackland (Ontario, Delta 17.sep.1874-7.jan.1968 Calgary) and Amanda 'Mandy' Matilda McCallum (Ontario, Burnstown 17.dec.1870-21.dec.1940 Calgary) who married 20.dec.1894 in Renfrew ; sister of composer Jessie Ackland (1900-1992) ; she and her 3 sisters never married

Title Parts

[] Sonata in c. Piano. 1935
[] Sonata in g. Piano. 1936
[] Danza cubana. 1 or 2 Pianos. 1938
[] Tango tzigane. 1 or 2 Pianos. 1940
[] Tango d'amour. Piano, also for organ. 1945
[] Valse Grace. Piano, also for organ. 1945
[] Camille. Piano, also for organ. 1948
[] Valse Barbara. Piano, also for organ. 1948
[] Lavender, lace and love. Musical comedy. 1950
[] Tut. Operetta. 1951
[] The desk and derrick song. Calgary 1954
words and music Jeanne Ackland (1926-) (sic)
copyright Jeanne Isabel Dorothy Ackland 14jun1954
pub and copyright Gordon V. Thompson Ltd., Toronto 18jan1955

[] Piano concerto in c (1st movement only)
[] Berceuse. Piano
[] Buster Brown. Piano
[] California. Piano
[] The chimes. Piano
[] Chinese suite. Piano
[] Country dance. Piano
[] Dedication. Piano
[] Flight. Piano
[] Humoresque. Piano
[] In sunny Spain. Piano
[] Minuet. Piano
[] Morocco. Piano
[] Nautical sketches. Piano
[] Reminiscing. Piano
[] Sleigh ride. Piano
[] Song my fiddle plays. Piano
[] Trois petites valses. Piano
[] Valse triste. Piano
[] Dawn in Vienna. Song
[] A fairy ship. Song
[] A prayer. Song
[] Scottish love song. Song
[] Sister o'mine. Song
[] Two lullabies. Song
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