Acland (-Troyte), John Edward 28.feb.1848-15.feb.1932 England Dorset, Dorchester - Dorchester
captain in the Army, MA from Oxford University, 5.mar.1848 baptized at All Saints in Dorchester, 1851 residing with his parents, 7 siblings and 6 servants in Teignmouth Devon, 1861 together with 2 brothers residing with his married brother and 5 servants in Huntsham Devon (his mother had died), 1871 studied at Oxford University and residing with his married sister and 7 servants in London Harrow, 1891 as captain in the Army residing with wife, 4 children and 5 servants in Birmingham Edgbaston, 1901-1911 as retired captain and curator of the County Museum residing with wife, 4 children and 4 servants (housemaid, parlour maid, nurse, cook) at Wollaston House on Acland Road in Dorchester ; son of baronet, justice of the peace Esq. Arthur Henry Dyke Acland (changed to Troyte by royal license, his children used Acland or Acland-Troyte) (Devon, Killerton 3.may.1811-19.jun.1867 Devon, Huntsham) and Frances 'Fanny' Williams (London 19.apr.1812-4.aug.1856 Dorset) ; he married Norah Lelitia Bankes (London 1858-1.mar.1938 Dorchester)

Title Parts

[] Music for the Office of the Holy Communion
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London & New York 1893

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