Acton, John B 28.sep.1863-5.may.1915 England, Manchester - Bournemouth
organist, singing teacher, studied music privately in Manchester, studied singing with Francesco Lamperti in Milan, 1891 as professor of music and singing with wife and servant residing at Claremont Grove no1 in Didsbury Stretford Manchester, 1882 FCO, 1882-1893 held various organ appointments, 1893 BM from Oxford University, 1893 professor of singing at the Manchester Royal College of Music, 1894 conductor of the St Cecilia Choral Society in Manchester, 1911 residing at 2 Bickenhall Mansions in London Marylebone, he died at Mentone Nursing Home Studland Road in Bournemouth while residing in nearby Lyndhurst ; 1889 at St John in Salford Manchester he married Alice Hestermann Mandley (Manchester 1866-)

Title Parts

[] Forest bells. Cantata. Women's voices. 1888
words Edward Oxenford
pub Augener & Co., London 1892

[] For home and liberty. Men's choir and piano. 1888
words W. V. Harnett
awarded the prize offered by the South London Musical Club 1888
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1889

[] The rose and the nightingale. Cantata. Women's voices
words Edward Oxenford
pub Augener & Co., London 1893

[] Six duets. Women's voices
[] Six Songs on the river. Women's voices
[] The Fairies. 6 two-part songs for female voices and piano
pub Augener & Co., London 1892

[] Six Songs of wood and fairyland. Women's voices
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