Adam de Arostegui, Maria de las Mercedes (fem) 24.sep.1873-20.oct.1957 Cuba, Camaguey - Spain, Madrid
organist, pianist, violinist, 1882 her family moved to Spain settling in Santiago de Compostela, 1883 studied organ, piano, violin and composition at the Real Conservatorio de Musica in Madrid, 1888 studied piano with Louis Diemer and composition with Jules Massenet in Paris, 1933 she returned to Spain where she accompanied Pablo Casals and made several concert tours to Cuba

[Cohen 1981 gives erroneously Maria Emma Adam born 1875 Madrid, died Paris] 

Title Parts

[] Serenata andaluza. Piano and orchestra
[] Serenata espanola. Orchestra
Orquestra Sinfonica / Gonzalo Roig 16jul1933

[] La vida es sueno. Opera. Havana Cuba
libretto after Calderon de la Barca

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