Adam, Joseph August 22.apr.1817-?? Austria, Vienna - ?, ?
bandmaster, son of a manufacturer of chemicals, studied violin with Joseph Techlinger, harmony and composition with Joachim Hoffmann, 1846 appointed bandmaster of the civic guard of Vienna and 1848 of the National Guard in Vienna, his works for military band number about 60 and had much success particularly in Vienna, 1866 still residing in Vienna

Title Parts

[] Deutsche weisen. Walzer. op3
pub Albrecht, Vienna 1849

[] Vergiss-mein nicht. Walzer. op14
pub Witzendorf, Vienna 1847

[] Sylvesternachts-Traume. Walzer. op33
pub Witzendorf, Vienna 1847

[] Die Schutzlinge. Walzer. op36
pub Witzendorf, Vienna 1847

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