Adam, Stanislav 30.apr.1889-6.jul.1974 Czechoslovakia, Lostice - Brandys nad Labem
violinist, music teacher and choirmaster in Lostice, 1922-1937 gave concerts in various resorts in Czechoslovakia and abroad

Title Parts

[] Koncertní poloneza G-dur. Violin and piano. op5
pub Fr. A. Urbanek, Prague 1936

[] Prani (Wishes). Double choir and piano. op9
dedication : Celebratory choir for the birthday of the President of the Republic
pub Fr. A. Urbanek, Prague 1937

[] Suite. Violin. op16
[] Nesem vam noviny, poslouchejte. Vypravna zpevohra vanocni o ctyrech jednanich (I bring you news, listen. Christmas operetta in four acts). Voices, mixed choir, 2 violins and piano
libretto Vaclav Kubicek after Josef Tikovsky
pub Velehrad, Olomouc 1940

[] Piano concerto in g. 1954
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