Adamciak, Milan 16.dec.1946-16.jan.2017 Slovakia, Ruzomberok - Banska Bela
active in visual poetry, graphic scores, sound objects, action art, performances, experimental composing, 1962-1968 studied cello at the Conservatory in Zilina, 1968-1973 studied philosophy and musicology at the Comenius University in Bratislava where he later taught, 1972-1991 he worked at the Institute of Musical Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, researching music of the 20th century and the relation of music and visual arts, 1989 he formed the Transmusic comp. Ensemble of unconventional music, 1990 he founded Society of Unconventional Music

Title Parts

[] Tension. For bow
[] Dialogues with Accorddd. Accordion and home-made instruments. 1990
[] Pod' sa s nami hrat' (Come play with us). Children's songs with games. children's voices, some with piano
by Kliment Ondrejka, music Milan Adamciak and Milan Novak
pub Slovak Pedagogical Publishing House, Bratislava 1992

[] Cytogamia, visual score. For Cyto or any instrument. 1996
[] Offce concerto. Home-made instruments and conventional instruments
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