Adamec, Vojtech 12.jul.1926-27.apr.1973 Slovakia, Spania Dolina - Kosice
conductor, choirmaster, 1947-1950 studied at the Faculty of Education of the University in Bratislava, 1950-1954 studied conducting with Jan Strelec and Vaclav Talich at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, 1955-1972 conductor and choirmaster with Ceskoskolvenskeho Radio in Kosice, 1956-1964 choirmaster of the folk choir Slovenska, 1958-1972 of the teachers choir of Spissky, 1964-1972 of the teachers choir of Kosice, 1966-1972 professor of conducting at the State Conservatory in Kosice

Title Parts

[] Sborove skladby pre miesane sbory (Choral compositions for mixed choirs)
compositions by Vojtech Adamic and Pavol Viczay
pub Bratislava Osvetovy Ustav, Bratislava 1965

[] details unknown. Compositions for radio, television and theater
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