Adams, George Archibald Emmett 1889-30.oct.1938 Australia, Sydney Woollahra - England, London Paddington
songwriter, lyricist, arranger, c1904 his family moved to England, during his life he made several visits to Australia, 24.apr.1930-8.may.1930 he made a visit to Italy, 1930-1934 residing with his sister and her husband at 29 Cleveland Square in London Hyde Park, 1935-1938 residing at 47 Leinster Gardens in London Hyde Park ; son of doctor of medicine George Thomas Cooke Adams (Australia, Sydney Paddington 10.jun.1866-23.jun.1934 USA Michigan, St Joseph) and Bertha Maud Beatrice Emmett (Australia, Melbourne Sandhurst 1868-2.apr.1939 England, London Paddington, 29 Cleveland Square) ; brother of composer Berte Emmett Adams Mahon (Australia, Melbourne 16.aug.1895-16.may.1985 England, Chichester) ; he never married

Title Parts

[] The bells of St Mary's. Song
words Douglas Furber (?London 1885-1961 London)
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew Ltd, London 1914, New York 1917
Eric Parkin piano
[] 1 - in D flat
[] 2 - in E flat
[] 3 - in F
[] God send you back to me. Song
words Douglas Furber
pub Newman Pub. Co., London 1916

[] Raggin' thro' the rye, fox-trot et shimmy, pour piano
pub Chappell & Co., Melbourne 1917
pub Editions Francis Salabert, 35 boulevard des Capucines, Paris 1922

[] Home, beloved to me. Song
words Berte Adams and Harry H. Hockley
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London 1917
copyright Berte Mahon and Edward MacMahon Mahon, London 12oct1945

[] Pretty Peggy. Musical play. Empire Theatre, Kilburn London 25aug1919
lyrics Arthur Rose, Charles Austin and Douglas Furber

[] Bells and blue ribbon. Song
words Douglas Furber
pub B. Feldman & Co., London 1919
pub Chappell & Co., Sydney 1919

[] A song of long ago "There's no place like home". Song
words Douglas Furber
pub Keith Prowse, London 1920

[] Every time I see you. Song
pub Chappell & Co., Sydney 1920

[] Green jade maid. from Pretty Peggy 1919
words Peggy Furber, music A. Emmett Adams
copyright A. Emmett Adams 25feb1920
copyright renewal Berte Adams, London 18apr1947

[] Life's roadway. Song
words Berte Adams
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London 1922

[] The lucky bean (Hullo! You lucky little bean). A musical farce. 1922
libretto Ralph Roberts

[] Take me back from Leicester Square to Leicester "Five o'clock follies". 1924
[] That's all that matters to-night. Song
words Berte Mahon
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London / Chappell & Co., Sydney 1937

[] Life's great sunset. Song
words and music A. Emmett Adams
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London 1938

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