Adams, Alfred Elliott Henry Davenport 14.jan.1861-12.apr.1947 England Kent, Gravesend - Staffordshire, Bilston near Birmingham
actor, singer, director of opera companies, 1.apr.1861 aged 3 months residing with his parents, 3 siblings and servant at 111 Wellington Street in Gravesend Milton, 1871 residing with his parents, 3 siblings and 2 servants in Logie Scotland, 1881 residing with his parents, 2 siblings and 2 servants (housemaid, cook) at Victoria Road in Birmingham Yardley/Solihull, 24.apr.1885 performing the role of Sir Fulke Pettigrew in The Parvenu : acting easily and well (Yarmouth), with artistic skill (Manchester), with dignity and discretion (Glasgow), with earnestness and skill (Glasgow), excellently conceived and admirably presented (Derby), specially excellent in the humourous scene and the pathetic scene (Derby), well suited for the impecunious pedegree-proud baronet (East Sussex), 1891 as actor boarding in Hastings with his wife without profession, 1901 as actor boarding in Manchester Chorlton, 'the best vocalist of the cast', 1895-1918 also director of opera companies performing throughout England and in Scotland, 1917-1918 as general manager of the Will H Glaze's Co. with many productions throughout England, 4.jun.1918 he directed the Will H Glaze's Co. in the play His Mother's Rosary at Theatre Royal in South Shields, 21.nov.1918 he was announced as 'Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Adams (Louie Adams)', 26.apr.1920 he played in a production with Miss Louie Adams at the Elephant and Castle Theatre London, 21.jul.1927 Alfred and Louie Adams as members of The Lyric Players played the role of father and mother in 'Should a mother tell ?' at the Lyric in Liverpool ; son of schoolmaster/writer and editor William Henry Davenport Adams (London St Pancras 5.may.1828-1892 Surrey, Wimbledon) and Sarah Esther 'Lily' Morgan (London Marylebone 13.aug.1835-16.apr.1908 Surrey, Putney) ; 1889 in Birmingham Solihull he married Helen Mary Playfair (Birmingham Yardley 5.jul.1863-1948 Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham) ; by 1918 he was married to singer/actress Louie usually called Miss Louie Adams

Title Parts

[] Drinks all round "I've a friend call'd Jones". Humourous song. Voice and piano
sung by John Barleycorn
words and music Alfred D. Adams
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1896

[] A good-for-nothing girl. Play in six scenes by Alfred D. Adams
produced for the first time by Mr. Oswald Cray's company at the Elephant and Castle Theatre, London 26apr1920
produced in Glasgow 19oct1927
Alfred D. Adams himself in the role of Ben Bonnysight, a roving and beloved vagabond
Miss Louie Adams in the role of Claire Merivale, a revue artist

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