Adams, C F 18??-f18?? USA, ? - ?, ?
1868 or earlier he was a college student at Harvard University in Boston Cambridge, his only known composition was performed very often throughout the USA and for many years 1868-1880, sometimes the composer name was given as C F Adam

[ ? Charles Francis Adams (Boston 27.may.1835-) ; 1856 as Bachelor of Arts graduated at Harvard, 1858 admitted to the Bar, 1882 overseer of Harvard, 1884 president of the Union Pacific Railroad Company ; grandson of president John Quincy Adams ; son of american statesman Charles Francis Adams (Boston 18.aug.1807-21.nov.1886 Boston) and Abigail Brown Brooks ; 8.nov.1865 he married Mary Ogden ]

Title Parts

[] Artillerist's Oath. War song. Quartet of male voices
composer C. F. Adams
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1868
published together with "Weeping, sad and lonely" by Henry Tucker (1826-1882) published 1868
in a meeting by "The Commanding Generals of the Department of the Gulf and the Fifth Military District", the glee club sang The Artillerist's Oath, New Orleans 24feb1868
The Artillerist's Oath was sung by the Highland Quartette Club, Boston 19dec1871

[] Artillerist's Oath. War song
composer C. F. Adam
in Carmina collegensia. A complete collection of the songs of the American colleges, with piano-forte accompaniment. To which is added a compendium of college history. Collected and edited by Henry Randall Waite (1845-1909)
the included compositions by college students ranging mainly from classes of the years 1859-1868 but the year of C. F. Adam is not given
pub O. Ditson & Co., Boston and C. H. Ditson & Co., New-York 1868

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