Adams, Edgar 17.apr.1832-9.may.1890 England, Surrey, Camberwell - Surrey, Wandsworth
organist, 1.jun.1832 baptized at St Giles in Camberwell, 1861 as professor of music residing at 8 Clarendon Terrace in Camberwell, 1870 organist of St Lawrence Jewry church in London, 1871 residing with wife, 8 children and his mother and 1881 with wife and 10 children at 239 Camberwell New Road, he died at 9 Burland Road in Wandsworth ; son of composer Thomas Adams I (1875-1858) and fundholder Hannah (London 1790-1873 Camberwell) ; 5.jan.1858 at St John the Evangelist in London Lambeth he married Elizabeth Samsun (Oxford 1838-1881/1889)

Title Parts

[] Andante tranquillo. Organ. London 1855
[] Eleanore, polka pour le piano. London 1855
[] Evenings with the Classical Composers, being selections from instrumental works, not generally known to Pianists, arranged for the Pianoforte. No.1-6. London 1860
[] Te Deum laudamus set to music in the key of E. London 1882
[] Andante in E. Organ
[] Andante in G. Organ
[] Impromptu. Organ
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