Adams, Edwin Adam 5.mar.1877-22.aug.1943 England Essex, Colchester - Hertfordshire, Barnet Southgate
organist, choirmaster, 8.apr.1877 baptized at St Nicholas Church in Colchester, studied at Trinity College London, LTCL, 1901 organist at the Colleston in Colchester, 1911 as water rate collector residing in London Stoke Newington, organist, choirmaster of New Court Congregational Church in London Tollington Park, 1934-1943 as water rate collector residing at Horkesley 79 Burleigh Gardens in Southgate, he died at Wellhouse Hospital in Barnet ; son of carriage builder employer Adam Adams (1844-) and Sarah Ann Matthews (1845-1902 Colchester) ; 6.jun.1901 at St Nicholas Church in Colchester he married Annie Sophia Mary Bateman (Colchester 6.jul.1877-24.feb.1954 Barnet Southgate)

Title Parts

[] A War-time school song
the words by J. W. Greaves
music Edwin A. Adams
pub Novello, London 1915

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