Adams, F John 18??-?? USA ?, ? - ?, ?
college student at Harvard University in Boston Cambridge in or before 1883 (the year his song was copyrighted by William H Hills),
his only known composition was first made public by the 1883 publication 'Students' Songs' by William H Hills (Harvard class of 1880) and became wider known after the 1885 publication 'College Songs' by Henry Randall Waite

[ ? John Francis (John F) (J Frank) Adams (Boston Cambridge 21.jan.1853-) ; graduated from Harvard, 1880 as R.R.F. engineer John F Adams residing at 16 Cedar Street in Fitchburg, 1900 as lawyer J Frank Adams residing at 5 Irving Street in Boston Watertown ; son of machinist John Adams and Giorgianna Odiorne ; he married Florence E Vanderford (Lowell 7.jan.1858-9.apr.1900 Boston Watertown) ; 6.jul.1900 in Boston he married Fannie May Turner (Norwood 1877-1948) ]

Title Parts

[] There is a tavern in the town. College song
words and music F. John Adams
also erroneously attributed to William H. Hills who copyrighted and published the song in 1883 without mentioning the composer

published in Students' Songs, comprising the newest and most popular college songs as now sung at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Amherst, Michigan, Vassar, Brown, Wellesley, Princeton, Williams, Bowdoin, Wesleyan, Trinity, Lafayette, Boston, Tufts, Union, etc. Compiled and edited by William H. Hills
pub  Moses King, Harvard Square, Boston Cambridge 14may1883, 1884
pub Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston 1889

published in College Songs. A Collection of new and popular songs of the American Colleges. Collected and edited by Henry Randall Waite
pub Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston 1885, 1887, 1906

1887-1906 the song "There is a tavern in the town" was performed allover the world, USA all states, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia (the name of the composer Adams or editor Hills was never given)
some of the earliest performances :
sung by the Temperance Young Women in the rink, Red Bank New Jersey 18dec1887
sung by the High School Chorus, St Joseph Missouri 18jun1888
sung by the sophomore girls at the freshmen's spread at the University of Ann Arbor Michigan at an unknown date and year before 16may1889
sung at the Jericho Reformed Church, Brooklyn New York 21feb1889
sung at the Berry Street Church, Belfast Nothern Ireland 14dec1889
sung at the Gamma Eta Kappa Banquet at the Alpha Chapter Hall, San Francisco 28apr1890

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