Adams, H T 18??-19?? USA ?, ? - ?, ?

[? Henry Tillman Adams (Germany, Mulheim 15.aug.1877-3.may.1957 Illinois, Chicago) ; 1884 emigrated with his parents to the USA Chicago where he lived for all his life, 1900 as bookseller and 1910 as employer/manufacturer of Local Leaf Specialties, 7.oct.1904 he made a photograph 'Birds-eye view of the University of Chicago', unlikely that he was the composer because the publication in Boston seems unlogical unless he studied in Boston (1897 a Henry T Adams was manager of the Art Novelty Company in producing and retouching photographs in Boston and in 1902 a Henry T Adams was past president of the Woodworkers Union in Boston) ]

Title Parts

[] Abide with me. Hymn
pub J. Williams or B. Williams, London England

[] Tantalizing Tilly. Two-step. Piano
pub and copyright C. W. Thompson & Co., Boston Massachusetts 18may1901

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