Adams, Harry 1848-19?? England, London Brixton - ?, ?
actor, playwrite, songtextwriter, no composer, all his life hatter by profession, 3.dec.1868 debuted as actor at the Eclectic Theatre on Denmark Street in London Soho, mar.1868 his next appearance at Sadlers Wells Theatre, 1873 wrote his first play the burlesque 'Willage Wirtue', 1875 wrote his first song and by 1889 had written the text of 7000 songs, cellist Mr. Emile Jonghmans (London Lambeth 1854-1902 Manchester Chorlton) set the music to all his words, 1889-1890 he was a noted hatter at 105 Westminster Bridge Road in London Lambeth, 1911 as widowed author visitor at 10 Wynne Road in London Lambeth Brixton

Title Parts

[] Under the Garden Wall. Song. 1875
his very first song written after seeing Miss Kate Everleigh's advertisement requiring songs
set to music by Mr. E. Jonghman (ie Jonghmans)

[] Stolen kisses. Voice and piano with chorus
music Emile Jonghman (ie Jonghmans), words Harry Adams
pub B. Williams, London 1877

[] Sir Rufus the Rum. Song
words Harry Adams, music ? Emile Jonghmans
pub London, 1879

[] Jacks and Jills. Song. Voice and piano
sung with immense success by G. H. Macdermott
written and composed by Harry Adams (sic), music ? Emile Jonghmans
pub Hopwood & Crew, London 1882

[] Don't say that all is over. Song. Voice and piano
written and composed by Harry Adams (sic), music ? Emile Jonghmans, sung by Walter Adams
pub Hopwood & Crew, London 1901

[] By and Bye. Duett. Song. Voice and piano
words Harry Adams, music ?
pub Hopwood & Crew, London

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