Adams, James Blake 1749-6.oct.1806 England, ? - London Hampstead
organist, cellist, 1784-1790 organist at Brompton Chapel and St John parish church in Hampstead, 4.apr.1784-1799 member of the Royal Society of Musicians, he resided at Windmill Hill in London Hampstead, he was buried 6.oct.1806 in the parish of St John in Hampstead ; father of organist James Adams (c1771-18??)

Title Parts

[] A collection of songs, etc., pub Fentum, London c1770
[] Daphne. Song. pub London c1775
[] L'Adieu. Song. pub Portal, London 1780
[] Bacchanalian. Song. pub London c1780
[] Come gentle god of soft repose. Song. pub Welcker, London c1780
[] Maria. Song. pub London c1780
[] The disaster. Song. pub London c1780
[] The jealous lover. Song. pub London c1780
[] The Paphian doves, a new book of kisses, the songs and music by different ingenious masters. pub London 1788
[the different ingenious masters are James B. Adams and Thomas Smart]

[] Three sonatas for the pianoforte or harpsichord with an acc. for the German flute or violin. op4. pub James B. Adams, London c1789
ms British Museum
[] 1 - in F
[] 2 - in C
[] 3 - in B flat
[] A new air for the voice and harpsichord. No.1-6. pub James B. Adams, London c1790
[] Lovely seems the moon's fair lustre. Soprano, 2 violins and bassoon. c1790
[] Select songs. No.13-16. pub London 1798
[] Select songs set to music. 1803
[Brown/Stratton 1897]

[] Sonata. Piano duet
[] The Nightingale. Canzonet. Voice and piano
[] Invocation. Song
[] Myrtilla. Song
[] Power of music. Song
[] The request. Song
[] 21 Songs in individual prints, including one Duet, published in London

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