Adams, John Stowell sep.1822-19.may.1893 USA Massachusetts, Boston - Boston Roxbury
writer, glee and hymn collector, orthodox, 11.apr.1845 at New London Connecticut he applied for a Seamen's Protection Certificate, 1850 as clerk and 1851 as music dealer residing with his parents and sister in Boston Chelsea, 1860-1865 as music store owner residing with his wife in Boston Roxbury, 1870 as book publisher residing with his wife in Roxbury, 4.mar.1882 he made his will, at time of death as editor residing at Lagrange Street in Boston Common but he died in Roxbury ; son of gentleman saddle and harness maker Isaac Adams (Boston 1788-27.jan.1862 Chelsea) and Mary Stowell (Boston Worcester 30.jul.1796-17.sep.1870 Boston) ; 27.nov.1851 at the orthodox church in Chelsea he married Harriet A Jones (Maine, Gardiner c1830-11.may.1897 Boston)

Title Parts

[] The Boston temperance glee book. A collection of temperance songs and glees, many of them never before published, adapted to the most fashionable tunes, and designed for temperance meetings, social gatherings, family circles and private use
by John S. Adams
pub Elias Howe, Boston 1848

[] 5000 Musical terms. A complete dictionary of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and such other words, phrases, abbreviations and signs, as to be found in the works of Auber, Beethoven, Bertini, Burgmuller, Carulli, Cramer, Czerny, Donizetti, Haydn, Handel, Herz, Hunten, Labitzky, Listz, Meyerbeer, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rinck, Spohr, Thalberg, Warren, Weber, and other eminent musical composers, the whole including the celebrated dictionaries of Dr. Busby, Czerny, Grassineau and Hamilton. Arranged, revised and corrected. To which is added a treatise on playing the organ or pianoforte by figures, etc.
pub Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston 1851

[] I am going there, or, the death of little Eva. Song for solo voice and piano accompaniment
dedication : written and inscribed to the readers of "Uncle Tom's cabin"
words and music, adapted to a favorite melody, by John S. Adams
pub Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston 1852

[] The psalms of life. A compilation of psalms, hymns, chants, anthems, etc. embodying the spiritual, progressive and reformatory sentiment of the present age. Fifth edition
Hymns untitled, arranged by hymn tune titles by John S. Adams
pub Adams, Boston 1857
pub Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston 1857
pub Bela Marsh, Boston 1860

[] Out in the cold. Song
poetry by John S. Adams, composer of the music not mentioned, probably to the melody of a traditional
pub Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston 1870

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