Adams, Thomas 5.sep.1785-15.sep.1858 England, London - London
organist, 1802 of Carlisle Chapel in London Kennington, 1814 of St Paul's in London Deptford, 1824-1858 of St George's in London Camberwell, 1833-1858 of St Dunstan-in-the-West at Fleet Street, 12.feb.1850 he gave his 14th annual ball at Willis's Rooms on King Street in London St James where he conducted the band performing quadrilles, polkas and waltzes, among them the compositions by himself : Queen schottische, Fire Fly polka, Cellarius waltz and Spanish waltz from his 5th Selection, Gipsies quadrille, Evening polka, Princess Royal schottische, Boatman quadrille, Gem waltz ; he married fundholder Hannah (London 1790-1873 Camberwell) ; father of composer Edgar Thomas

Title Parts

[] 6 Voluntaries. Organ. 1824 [] 5 - In g
Francis Jackson
[] Moderato in Ab. Pianoforte
autograph ms 1836 British Museum London

[] Gipsies' laughing quadrille for the pianoforte
pub London 1847

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